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I never realised how hard it is to come up with an idea for SASUHINA month. This is my third story and I’m hoping I don’t stop halfway through, annoyed with how it’s not working out. So Pokémon and YouTubers was a bust so let’s see how Lord of the Rings AU works out. Enjoy FutureKing!Sasuke and Elf!Hinata, the way I think the couples should of ended up being. Please fav and comment.

Dressed in his black Ranger gear, Sasuke walked through the forest known as Mirkwood. He focused on the path in front of him, trying not to let the darkness that tainted the forest mess with his mind. He knew he was approaching the gates when the trees creaked and groaned with a rapid speed. Sasuke turned his head to see a spider heading towards him. Pulling out his sword he waited trying to gage his options. He wasn’t the most familiar with the forest and by this time, an elf would make himself known to lead him to the protective dome of Mirkwood. He had been around when one attacked but he was in the presence of an elf that quickly disposed of it. While he’ll admit he was a good fighter, he knew when not to push his luck. He had two options, fight or flee. The groaning of branches caught his attention as 2 more spiders came down. Flee it was.

Spinning on his heel, Sasuke took down the path to Mirkwood, the spiders quickly following. With a series of quick jumps, he vaulted over a large root and up into the trees. He was no elf, but he hoped he could at least find one to help him. He didn’t notice one spider gaining till its weight caused a vibration that caused Sasuke to lose balance and land on a branch by his stomach. As he tried to pull himself back up, the spider grew closer, its talons clicking as it approached.

‘Death by spider, not how I imagined how I’d go.’ Sasuke thought as his body tensed when he felt the warm hot breath on his neck.

However it released its tension when he heard the shrieking of a dying spider. The sound of two arrows piercing the air and into the remaining spiders filled the air. The archer made herself known as she landed on the branch Sasuke was currently stuck on.

“Almost killed by a spider, not how I imagined you’d go mellon.

Sasuke turned his head to look at the blue haired elf, who was crouched next to him, a smile playing on her lips. “Hinata, so nice to see you again.”

“Not the most pleasant way to say hello but yes. I apologize for not coming out earlier. I didn’t see the spiders till the last second. You did rather well getting away though.”

“Thank you. Now can you please help?” Hinata stood, pulling Sasuke up on the branch with her. When she saw he was balanced, she pulled him into a hug, which he returned

“I’ve missed you mellon.  The last we saw of each other, you brought that fowl creature that escaped.” Hinata said pulling away, with a look on her face that held annoyance, disgust and worry all in one

Putting his hands on her shoulders, the Ranger said, “I am not mad at you mellon, it was not your fault Gollum escaped. If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t have come to ask a favour of you.”

A curios look came across the elf’s face as she turned to lead the way to the protective dome, “what is it you want of me?”

“You remember Kakashi, yes?”

“The Blue Wizard? Yes, I do. Especially how he practically lead a company of 13 dwarves into our forest almost 50 years ago. But that is Neij’s complaint with him. Why?”

“If you remember well, there was a Hobbit in that company as well. His nephew is in possession of the One Ring. Kakashi is going to take him to Rivendell and he’s asked for my help. Knowing the wizard, he’ll be late and the only company I’ll have is my pipe while I wait for him.”

The two were crossing the bridge into the palace of King Hiashi, the Elven King. Hinata shot her friend a sarcastic smile

“So knowing my father only allows me the spider patrol, you thought I’d be easy pickings?”

Grabbing her wrist to stop her from walking, Sasuke turned the blue haired elf to face him, “No, I’m asking you to accompany me because I’m getting a feeling that something is going to happen and there’s no one I trust more than you.”

With a quick smile, Hinata said, “TenTen is due for her child soon and Neij will not leave her side. I may be able to convince my father to let me come.”

Diola lle.”


Ada, please. It’s just a simple bodyguard mission.” Hinata tried to reason with her father

“I don’t care if Valar himself asked you, you’re not going!” Hiashi yelled as he stormed into his throne room, where council members waited

“Why not? Ada, you’re being unreasonable. This is exactly what got you into the War of Five Armies last time. You refuse to let anyone passed that wall of stubbornness!”

Whirling around and piercing his glare on his daughter, the Elven King said, “listen and listen well child. You are not to go anywhere with that Ranger, do you hear me?”

“A ranger you sent me to find? Is this you trying to divulge yourself deeper into isolation before a war or is this because-”

“Because my daughter fell for a mortal? One who will wither away in the blink of an eye and I’ll lose my daughter as she wither with him in grief.”

Hinata stopped as her father continued on his trek to the throne room when his daughter’s voice stopped him, “Why does it matter? Every elf knows that you want my sister to take over when you travel to the Undying Lands. Why does it matter if I wither away from grief? I’m going, and you can’t stop me.” With that Hinata retreated to her room, her father’s gaze on her back before he continued to his destination.


Hinata rejoined Sasuke at the edge of the Mirkwood forest, her attire changed into the cream and brown of her warrior outfit. Her hair was pulled into a half fishtail braid and her warrior braids hung in her side fringe.

“Your father agreed?” Sasuke asked as Hinata approached him

“Yes, Ada has left me to my own devices. Where are we meeting Mithrandir, at the Shire?”

“Not exactly. Now please don’t get upset, but Kakashi has asked me to him in Bree.” Sasuke flinched from the glare the Elven princess shot at him. He knew how much she hated it there and he knew he was going to hate the next piece of news, “we are to meet him at the Prancing Pony.”

“The Prancing Pony? Also known as a bar where not the slightest freshest air breathes through?”

Trying to appease her, Sasuke said, “Do you know how much I love you and how happy I am that you agreed you’ve come?”

Hinata huffed, annoyed. The fight with her father was still on her mind and Valar knew she didn’t want to get into one with Sasuke of all people. “Let us just hurry. Knowing Kakashi, he will be late and I’d rather not wait in that place longer than I want to.”


Night had fallen and Sasuke and Hinata sat near the door in the back of the Prancing Pony. They had cloaks on, the hoods up to hide their faces as they waited for the Blue Wizard or even the 2 Hobbits they were to meet. Hinata wasn’t sure if she could take another second of being surrounded by the fowl smells of the bar. It didn’t help that Sasuke had decided to light his pipe to pass the time. She felt Sasuke rest his hand on hers, in hopes of calming her down.

Amin hiraetha, mellon. I don’t know why Kakashi is taking so long. I know you don’t like being in here.”

“No, but don’t worry. I am a warrior of Mirkwood. If I can survive a few spiders, then I can handle a little while longer here.”

Sasuke gave her a smile as the door opened and 4 Hobbits walked in. the two didn’t really pay attention till they heard the blond one ask about Kakashi.

“Shall we approach them?” Hinata asked as she watched the four Hobbits sit at a table

“Let’s wait. Hopefully Kakashi will appear in his usual untimely fashion.” He said as he saw the blond ask the bar owner about them. No doubt uncomfortable with how intensely he and Hinata had been keeping an eye on him.


It seemed like only a second had passed as Naruto’s true name was revealed and he had disappeared with the Ring. Sasuke quickly shepherded the blond Hobbit up the stairs

“You draw far too much attention to yourself Mr. ‘Kurama’!” He said as he threw Naruto into the room he and Hinata had rented

“What do you want?” Naruto asked

“A little more caution from you. That’s no ordinary ring you carry.”

Still trying to protect the Ring, Naruto quickly said, “I carry nothing!”

“Indeed.” Sasuke began to blow out the candles as he waited for Hinata to arrive, “I can avoid being seen but to disappear is truly a rare gift.”

“Who are you?” Naruto asked, his curiosity overtaking his fear.

“Answer me this, are you scared?”


“You should be. There’s something coming for you and the Ring.”

The door slammed open and Sasuke pulled out his sword only to see the other three Hobbits run in.

“Let him go! Or I’ll-” Kiba, Naruto’s best friends, started when he was interrupted by a voice from behind him

“You’ll what?” everyone’s attention turned to Hinata who walked into the room, pushing her hood down. “You have a brave heart but right now it won’t help you for what’s coming.”

Choji and Shikamaru, the other two Hobbits who were with them, stared at Hinata’s ears in complete and utter surprise.

“Come, across the street. They’ll be here soon.”

The two had rented a room in the inn next door, on the off chance that something like this would happen. Sasuke didn’t like it when he was right in this instance. As Hinata put the Hobbits to sleep, Sasuke looked out the window to where his old room stood. He had watched the Nazgûl make their way into the Prancing Pony, no doubt to where they last felt the Ring. Minutes later, they let out unearthly screams when they realised they had been fooled. Sasuke glanced at the Hobbits, as they shot up, awake.

“What are they?” Naruto asking the question on the Halflings’ minds

“They were once Men. Great Kings of Men. Then Sauron the Deceiver gave the 9 rings of power. Blinded by greed, they took them without question and slowly all of them began to fall into darkness. Now they’re his slaves to his will. They are Nazgûl, Ringwraith’s and are neither living nor dead. They feel the power of the Ring and won’t stop till they get it back. They won’t stop, not until they get you.”

Naruto shivered, feeling the Ring in his pocket. How was he supposed to do this?

“Worry not, young one.” Hinata approached, “We’ll protect you, all of you. Your race has proven to be brave in the face of danger.”

“we have?” Choji asked

“one particular Hobbit comes to mind, as he travelled with 13 dwarves to reclaim the Lonely Mountain.”

“Wait, you’ve met my uncle?” Naruto asked, “he never mentioned you particularly.”

“no but I’m sure he remembers how I used his friends as stepping stones to try and stop a group of Orcs. It was a strange thing to see though, a Hobbit with Dwarves.”

“Oh I remember him telling us that. Said that two elves stood there looking surprised when they saw the barrels.”

“My cousin and I were imagining the scolding my father would give us when he heard that we were outsmarted by a Hobbit. Worry not of what comes our way. Just know that you’ll soon be in safe hands.” The Eleven princess’s words seemed to calm the Hobbits as they fell asleep minutes later.

Lle ume quell, mellon.”

Hinata gave him a small smile before sitting in another chair by the window, “you should get some sleep. I can take watch.”

“Are you sure?”

“We don’t need as much as sleep as you do. I’ll be fine.”

With a mischievous smile, Sasuke leaned down and rest his head on Hinata’s lap.

“What are you doing?” Hinata asked, her ears turning pink

“resting. You don’t know how it feels to try and sleep in a hard chair.”

Hinata hesitated before resting one of her hands on Sasuke’s head, “is this fine?”

“yes,” Sasuke whispered as he became a victim to the land of dreams.


Sasuke cursed as he felt his boot sink into the spongy floor of the marsh. The group had been traveling through it and Sasuke could see they’d have to sleep here for the night before leaving in the morning.

“Need help, filthy human?” he heard Hinata call out, teasing him

“not yours, stuck up elf!” Hinata giggled watching Sasuke lead the Hobbits through marshes. Choji had already fallen in and she could tell they all wanted to get out.

Night had fallen and with stomachs filled with food, the Hobbits fell asleep quickly. Hinata and Sasuke argued who should take watch when Hinata gave up

“Fine, but wake me up if you think something is coming.”

“Very well. Now sleep.” Resting her head on Sasuke’s shoulder, Hinata let sleep take her, causing her eyes to glaze over.

To keep himself busy Sasuke hummed to himself when he heard someone speak

“How long have you loved her?” Sasuke looked at the blonde, “you say your friends but your much closer than that, aren’t you?”

“well aren’t you the inquizative one? Yes, it’s true, I love her however she can and will never return my love.”

Lifting his head and looking him straight in the eye, Naruto asked, “Why, when it so obvious she loves you too?”

“That is all in your head Halfling. I can not be with her because of her future duties to her King,” seeing the confused look on Naruto’s face the Ranger explained, “Hinata is the daughter of the Elven King Hiashi. When her father goes to the Undying Lands or pershises, she will be expected to rule over Mirkwood. Besides, why would she fall for a human who will wither away in the blink of an eye?” seeing that he stumped the Ring bearer, Sasuke gave him a sad smile, “get some rest Naruto. We still ways to go till we reach Rivendell.”


‘How did everything go so wrong?’ Hinata thought as she tried to revie Naruto. He had been stabbed by the Ringwraiths and was going dark. Kiba and Sasuke left only moments before to retrieve an herb but it felt like forever ago.

“Naruto, lasto beth nîn. Please wake up.”

“Will he die?” Shikamaru asked, fearfully

“not as long as I’m here. Naruto, please awaken. Come back to the light.” As she tried to cox Naruto awake, her hand slowly went to were her Elven Daggers rested on her back. She pulled one out of it’s sheath and stopped a blade from approaching

“Sharp as always, Hinata.” Hinata looked at red haired she-elf in slight disbelief

“Karin, what are you doing here?”

“You and Sasuke were late. What has happened to him?” Karin asked, resheathing her sword and kneeling next o Naruto

“Nazgûl blade. He dosen’t have much time. Tell me you’ve brought a horse.”

“Yes. Will you go with him or shall I? know that there are 4 Ringwraiths behind you. You must be swift.”

“I’ll be able to stop them if they catch up. Quickly, help me get him to the horse.”

Sasuke stood by Karin’s horse, holding the riens. Seeing the determined look on hinata’s face, he knew not to try and convince her not to go. He helped his adoptive sister with Naruto and soon Hinata was ready

“I cannot convince you otherwise?” Sasuke asked

“I am a faster rider than Karin. I can get him to Rivendell quicker.”

“Very well. Go, hurry!”

Noro lim, Asfaloth, noro lim!” Karin told her horse as Hinata took off, “She will be fine, hanar. She will reach Rivendell safely. But we have to worry about the Halflings first. Naruto will be very upset if he finds out his friends couldn’t defend themselves in his absence

If there was one thing he could count on, it was Karin’s way of pushing people forward. It was also her own way of saying that she accepted Sasuke’s feeling towards Hinata.


Hinata waited apon the steps to the front courtyard of Rivendell. She bearly made it in time but thankfully thanks to Jiraiya’s quick hands, Naruto came back to the light. She was surprised to hear, however, that the Ring wouldn’t be safe here. The white haired elf called representatives of Dwarves, Men and Elves to decide what was to happen to the Ring. However, Sasuke, Karin and the other three Hobbits had yet to come. About to give up hope for them coming that day, she heard hooves of the potrol company coming back. She turned and a smile grew on her face as she saw her missing companions on the backs of the potrol’s horses.

Mellon nin, what took you so long?”

“we had to take a longer route to confuse the Nazgûl. How is he?” Sasuke answers as he got off the horse

“I got here in time. Naruto is fine but still asleep. You can go see him.” Hinata director the Hobbits who quickly disappeared, “and Karin, thank you.”

Amin saesa. I hope to see you later Princess.” Karin disappeared as well, leaving Hinata and Sasuke with the rest of the potrol

Sasuke took Hinata’s hand, “come, I wish to speak to you alone.” Sasuke guided her to a bridge near the satue that held the shards of Narsil.

“What? What is it?”

“I brought you here, in hopes that if my father is listening, he’ll hear my words. When you left, my heart seemed to go with you. I was filled with worry of what would happen to you. Naruto had told me of something that has been on my mind since you both left.”

“What?” Hinata asked, masking her irregular breathing.

“he told me that you loved me. If it’s not true than I don’t know what will happen.”

The two stood in silence before Hinata lifted her free hand and stroked Sasuke’s check

“Since we meet at the Ranger camp 50 years ago, I fell for you. I tried to hide it, thinking that you promised yourself to Karin but now I know that’s not true. You have my heart, melamin.

“And you have always had mine.”

Time stood still for both as their lips met. For that moment, nothing could harm them.


Hinata sat in her room, polishing one of her Elven daggers when a knock echoed into the room

“Come in.” she was hoping it wasn’t Sasuke to scold her for revealing his identy during the Council. He looked uncomfortable when the information was revealed and Hinata feared that it would damaged their relationship before it even began. She was surprised to see her cousin Neji walk in

“Neji, what a surprise.”

“It was for me as well when I came here to represent Mirkwood but to find you beat me to it. Your father wonders where you went to.”

With a scoff, Hinata resheathed her dagger, “adar worrys only for what will people will say about me.”

“And your relationship with Sasuke? I haven’t come to stop you but I do ask that you know what you are getting into.”

“Yes I do.”

“I also ask that you have faith in the relationship.”

“I will.”

With a smile, Neji gave a small bow, his hand resting on his chest before reaching out to Hinata. She followed the action.

“Until Valar brings us together again, I wish you and Sasuke the best of luck and life. May Valar protect you on your travels.”

“Thank you.”

Both Elves left Hinata’s room and went to the archway leading out of Rivendell. The rest of the Fellowship was there already. Hinata ignored the glare of the pink haired half-Dwarf and made her way to Sasuke who stood next to their package horse.

“Are you mad at me?” seeing the confused look on his face, Hinata specified, “at the meeting, when I revealed…”

“I am not a'maelamin. I’m sorry if you thought so.”

“I’m glad. Neji has blessed us.”

Taking Hinata’s hand, the ranger said, “Even if he didn’t, that would not stop my love for you.”

Hearing those words, Hinata decided that wither she died or lived on this mission, as long as she knew Sasuke and her hearts belonged to each other, she would take whatever came her way.

SasuHina Month-Lord of the Rings AU
My submission for Day 30! Took me way to long to choose a topic.

Here are the translations


Diola lle-Thank you


Mithrandir-Wizard/Formal name for wizard

Amin hiraetha-I’m sorry

Lle ume quell-You did well

lasto beth nîn-hear my voice

Noro lim, Asfaloth, noro lim-Ride fast, Asfaloth, ride fast


Amin saesa-My pleasure

Melamin-My love

a'maelamin-My beloved



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